Our Story

Hemp Generation was started in May 2018 by Louis and Chloe.They both met at NC State studying Physics. After attending a growers informational hemp conference, they were inspired to learn more and spent several months working at Triangle Hemp. In the summer of 2018 they grew hemp outdoors on 2,000sqft to gain experience. During the grow, they connected with many farmers and gained lots of experience in the evolving hemp industry.

After the struggle to find consistent high quality flower in 2019 across the state, Louis and Chloe launched their first 2,000sqft indoor greenhouse grow in Browns Summit, North Carolina.

This was to ensure that we had control over our quality and consistency. Now, almost all our flower is grown by us and we have big things coming for 2020!

Louis Rubio


Chloe Blesh


When developing and manufacturing our products we always implement quality, education and wellness.


Why do we value quality?

There are a lot of CBD products on the market, not all are made to ensure the wellness of the consumer. Products made with artificial dyes or preservatives can counteract the benefits of CBD. We value quality because it determines the long term health of our customers.


Due to the high stigma that still remains around cannabis, our goal is to change this paradigm about hemp by educating people on what hemp is, its potential benefits, and how it differs from marijuana. There is a lot to learn. Our promise is to continually research information from credible sources and communicate it in an approachable fashion.

Product Development

When developing and manufacturing our products we keep our standards high. We slowly develop new products to ensure that we maximize quality. Our flower is grown with organic practices to combat pests and disease by strengthening the plants immune system without the use of harmful chemicals. It is hand trimmed and packaged in smell proof, reusable glass containers. Our tinctures are extracted with organically grown flower, they are tested multiple times and are sold with accurate dosing and usage guidelines. All of our products can be purchased here or at a store near you.

Diana Pate

Partner/Retail Store Manager

After receiving her ABA from Wayne Community College, Diana went on to pursue 10+ years of experience in the Customer Service Industry. After battling 7 years of undiagnosed health conditions, Diana was drawn to the hemp industry for the purpose of giving back to her community what the plant gave back to her, a quality of life.

Diana has been able to assist thousands of clients with product selection, proper dosing and understanding all that is Hemp/CBD. With more than 9 years of combined experience in the medical, spa and hemp industry, Diana is devoted to providing her clients with proper education on maximizing our body's potential to heal naturally!

We believe in the importance of cannabis and all of its properties because we’ve witnessed what it can do for those in need of alternative and natural solutions.

Hemp Generation Wellness

Retail Store

Hemp Generation Wellness was created October 2019. Hemp Generation needed a business location for the brand production room. We found a perfect location in Cary, NC. We decided to make part of the space a retail store where customers can stop by, ask questions, meet us, and purchase the highest quality and best represented CBD products in the country.

We've seen a lot of hemp stores as a distributor, so we condensed all the shops we've come across to create this wellness boutique. Some of the products we sell include: Hemp Generation flower and tinctures, Liberty Cartridges, The Brothers Apothecary tea and honey, Pachamama tinctures and topicals, Honest Paws pet products, Soul Addict prerolls and tinctures, bath bombs and organic/vegan hemp yoga mats.

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