What is Hemp?

Hemp Plant

Hemp is part of the cannabis family. Not to be confused with marijuana, hemp is known for being non-psychoactive and is defined as having below 0.3% ∆ 9 THC.

High in CBD, hemp can be grown for flower, seed or fiber.

Industrial Hemp Pilot Program

The North Carolina industrial hemp pilot program is in its third year of operation. Farmers are allowed to acquire a license to grow industrial hemp for research with intent to market. The plants are tested three weeks before harvest and then allowed to be sold after passing. The hemp is sold to registered processors who are then allowed to produce products and release them to market. Hemp flower and hemp extract can be used to create a number of products including products for oral consumption, topicals, raw flower and pet products. Here at Hemp Generation we are dedicated to proving hemp products that are properly represented and top quality.

Product Specifics


Know what’s in your tincture. Is it 500mg of plant extract or CBD?

Plant extracts come in many different forms with different concentrations of cannabinoids

To list a few there are:

     Crude Full Spectrum

     Refined Full Spectrum

     Broad Spectrum Distillate


These extracts range from 50%-99% CBD leaving you wondering how much CBD you are actually getting.

We use Refined Full Spectrum Extract in MCT Oil for good taste and high medicinal value. We clearly state the amounts of CBD and Other Cannabinoid concentrations in your full spectrum solutions. Don’t ever hesitate to ask about a products contents or it’s lab report to see what’s actually inside!


Our flower is currently sourced through the best NC greenhouse growers we can find who demonstrate clean and rigorous growing techniques to ensure top quality flower. We are constantly on the search for new growers with quality flower to bring more strains to the market!