Hemp Generation CBD Gummies 300mg 10mg Each
Hemp Generation CBD Gummies 300mg 10mg Each Glass Jar

CBD Gummies 300mg



Through meticulous development and refinement, we formulated a unique and flavorful treat to enhance your CBD experience. The delicious taste was created with natural strawberry extracts and organic sweeteners.

10mg CBD per gummy
30 count
Made with All-Natural and Vegan Ingredients
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Wellness-Centered Formula

Products made with artificial dyes or preservatives can counteract the benefits of CBD. We formulated a delicious recipe that gives you all the benefits without compromising your long-term wellness. Infused for accurate potency, these gummies are perfect for consuming on-the-go while making dosing easy and quick.

Full-Body Benefits

All humans and animals have an Endocannabinoid System. The ECS helps regulate our Nervous, Immune, and Endocrine System. We carry receptors throughout our bodies that bind perfectly with cannabinoids produced by cannabis, which can be used to provide our regulatory systems with additional help, when needed, to achieve balance.

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Our Promise

Our mission is to normalize hemp and shift the stigmas surrounding it to a more positive and forward-thinking outlook.⁠ We’re extremely passionate about making cannabis accessible to our community. There are a lot of hemp products on the market, but not all are made to ensure the health of the consumer.

Our promise is to bring clarity to natural alternative solutions and deliver high quality and accurately represented products to help others achieve long-term wellness.