We offer services in the hemp industry that can help improve efficiency, product development and operations for your brand or farm. This includes machine trimming, growing consultation and turnkey hemp products.


If your end market is flower appeal, trimming your hemp is a necessity. Hand trimming can take a minimum of 8 hrs/lb of marketable flower whereas our Twister T4 Trimmer can separate up to 10-14 lb/hr dry or 40-60 lb/hr wet leaf from flower. Even if you still plan to hand trim, running your flower through our trimmer can save a lot of time when going for the final manicure.

If you trim your bucked biomass before you send it off to extraction, this overall increases the concentration of the cannabinoids and visual appeal in your crop giving higher value for your extraction material.

Our trimmer rental starts at $250/day plus a final $100 cleaning fee at the end of your rental.

Please contact us with questions and for more details.

Cannabis Cultivation Consultation

Wondering what you need to prepare for your cannabis grow operation?

Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to consult you with tons of valuable information from what organic growing practices we employ for pest control and growth to harvest practices.

Free initial consultation.

Turnkey Hemp Products

We offer turnkey services such as making prerolls for companies with provided compliant hemp flower.

If you have flower that you would like to be turned into a shelf ready product such as prerolls, contact us to discuss pricing and options.