We offer services in the hemp industry that can help improve efficiency, product development and operations for your brand. This includes tincture and vegan gummy formulation with precise dosage.

Product Formulation - Gummies

Our kitchen is capable of making small batches as little as 600 gummies per flavor. Our proprietary vegan and pectin based gummies hold their form. We test our gummy batch and nail the mg of cannabinoids within 10% of the desired potency through a DEA registered lab. We offer a few different flavors including: Strawberry, Lemon, Sour Lemon, and Orange. All coloring and flavoring are natural and food derived and most of our ingredients are USDA Certified Organic.

We can make gummies out of any cannabinoid if the distillate is provided. However we can provide full panel tested distillate to formulate gummies such as:
Full Spectrum CBD, THC-Free CBD, Delta 8 THC, or THCv

Contact us to inquire about how we can help your company make bulk gummies!

Product Formulation - Prerolls

We offer turnkey services such as making prerolls for companies with provided compliant hemp flower. 
If you have flower that you would like to be turned into a shelf ready product such as prerolls with or without Delta-8 THC infused in it, contact us to discuss pricing and options. Batches as low as 100 prerolls

Label Printing Solutions

Along with our turnkey services we also provide customized labels specific to your needs.

If you need labels for your bags, jars, or prerolls, contact us to discuss pricing and options.